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Description: Santa

A new icon is born: The Santa. Santa has a stable flight pattern, making it the perfect choice for straight and accurate putting. With its great amount of glide, Santa requires only a gentle touch, making it an easy and enjoyable choice for clinching the chains. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner just starting out, Santa is the perfect choice for players who want a straight-forward and dependable option for their bag. Get ready to make your putting game ho-ho-hot with the Santa putter!

Material: Bare-Basic

"Bare-Basic" is a plastic that will leave you feeling anything but basic. It offers a perfect balance of quality and affordability. With its matte surface, you'll enjoy a comfortable grip, providing a secure hold and reliable throw. The durability of this plastic makes it a great choice for casual players, as it will stand up to the wear and tear of the course and hold its shape over time. Whether you´re just starting out or simply looking for a reliable option, the Bare-Basic is the ideal choice.

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  • Antti, Finland

    "Santa is a straight flying putter with massive glide. It works well in both approaching and short tee shots. Santa holds its angle, no matter what angle you throw it. Very reliable."

  • Mikko Salonen, Finland

    "Glides well and holds it’s angle. For me Santa is excellent as an approach disc."

  • Arttu Aaltonen, Finland

    "Santa is exactly the kind of disc that you can hope for from a high-profile putter. Long and effortless glide combined with stable behavior at the end of the flight. That's why this disc is also perfect for putting - it's very easy to control."