Terms of service

Osuma Disc is the official side business name of Nordic Sports Brands Oy (business ID 2147624-3).
Customer service:
Phone: 045 2780 820
E-mail: customer@osuma.com

Postal address:

Kohmankaari 3,
33310 Tampere

Summary of terms and conditions:

1. All products and prices can be found in our online selection..

2. The customer is obliged to check the delivery time estimate on the product page.

3. Orders are generally delivered on the same or the next working day. Due to availability problems or exceptional circumstances, delivery of some products may be delayed. For products sold on pre-order, the delivery time may be several weeks.

4. Products will only be dispatched once the order has been paid for. Orders paid with installment or invoice are counted as paid for. Orders to be paid with wire transfer are shipped when the payment has been made.

5. All products are sold as they are.

6. Prices include VAT.

7. Payment methods are defined later when the Osuma Disc webstore launches.

8. The customer chooses the delivery method when placing the order. Osuma Disc.com is responsible for ensuring that the delivery corresponds to the delivery method chosen by the customer. The delivery cost will be invoiced upon ordering.

9. If the product has a warranty, the warranty period is stated in our online store.

10. The purchase receipt or copy of the invoice must be kept for warranty or liability purposes. If the customer receives a damaged product in transit, the customer must immediately complain about it to both the shipping company and Osuma Disc.

12. The products have a 14-day right of return if the product is unused and saleable.

Detailed terms and conditions:

1. Ordering

1.1 When placing an order, the customer must always indicate

a) As a consumer, the name, address, e-mail address, postal address and telephone number(s).

b) As a business customer, the name, contact person, e-mail address, postal address, y- code and telephone number(s) of the company.

1.2 For each order, the Customer agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of contract, order and delivery in force from time to time for the delivery of goods.

1.3 Osuma Disc's subscriber register is confidential and Osuma Disc has the right to use it in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

1.4 A registered customer can log in and order with his/her old ID. When a customer orders for the first time, a login is created, and the contact details are added to the customer register of Osuma Disc.

1.5 Communication between the parties will take place by e-mail or telephone. After placing an order, the customer undertakes to monitor their e-mail. Osuma Discs contact details can be found in these terms and conditions.

1.6 The binding sales contract will enter into force when the customer has placed the order.

1.7 We reserve the right to limit the sale of products in larger quantities - e.g. due to unavailability.

1.8 Osuma Discs' liability in the event of unavailability of a product, regulatory or import restrictions, or if the order cannot otherwise be delivered, is always limited to the cancellation of the transaction and refund of any monies paid in advance.

1.9 All products sold by Osuma Disc are sold "as is". Please refer carefully to the product description on our website.

1.10 If the customer does not agree with the contents of the product package, they must return the product to Osuma Disc within the 14-day return policy. If the product is free of defects, the returned product must be in resale condition.

1.11 In clear cases of product or price error, Osuma Disc may claim an error, for example if the error was so obvious that the customer should have understood the existence of the error.

1.12 Osuma Disc is not responsible for the information on resellers’ websites.

1.13 Osuma Disc reserves the right to select its customers.

2. Prices

2.1 The prices in the price list include VAT, but do not include delivery.

2.2 Delivery charges will be determined at the time of order confirmation, depending on the delivery method and the weight and size of the order.

2.3 The Customer will receive the Product at the price ordered. See condition 1.11.

2.4 Product details for all products are displayed on our website. Returns for product information errors are also free of charge as a customer refund and must be made within a reasonable time after the error has been or should have been discovered. The customer must discover the error within a reasonable time.

2.5 In clear cases of price error, Osuma Disc may rely on an error, for example, if the error was so obvious that the customer should have realized the existence of the error.

3. Delivery

3.1 Products will only be dispatched once the order has been paid for.

3.2 Osuma Disc delivers its products to its customers with a processing time of 1-5 working days on average, unless otherwise stated. In addition to this, there is the normal delivery time of the product, e.g. Posti and Matkahuolto usually deliver the parcels within 1-2 days. We will do our best to inform you if the product takes more than 5 days to arrive. Some special order or novelty products have a longer delivery time. Naturally, products sold as pre-orders also have a longer delivery time.

3.3 During transport of the goods from Osuma Disc to the customer, Osuma Disc is liable if the goods are damaged or lost during transport. During transport of the goods from the customer to Osuma Disc, the customer or the carrier is liable if the goods are damaged or lost during transport. In consumer sales, Osuma Disc shall be liable for damage to the goods in all cases.

3.4 If the customer receives a product damaged during transport, the customer must immediately complain about it to both the carrier and Osuma Disc.

3.5 When sending goods to Osuma Disc, e.g. as a product return, the customer must keep the return documents and the carrier's receipt copy/ tracking number.

3.6 The unavailability of one product does not oblige Osuma Disc to reserve other products in the same order. We require that products immediately available in the order must be able to be delivered to the consumer no later than three weeks after the order is placed and the consumer must accept subsequent delivery of the unavailable product or cancellation of the product order. Osuma Disc is entitled to charge the normal delivery charges for post-delivery. Osuma Disc shall not be liable for any consequential damages caused by delayed delivery, whether caused by Osuma Disc or by its subcontractor as carrier, such as Matkahuolto, Kaukokiito or Posti.

3.7 Shipments of large volume or weight are delivered by DB Schenker or Kaukokiito. The carrier will deliver the orders as close to the door as the delivery truck can safely drive. The customer is then responsible for receiving the goods. This delivery method does not therefore involve carrying the order inside, for example, your home or business premises. The delivery company will inform you by text message or phone call in advance of the estimated delivery time. In some cases, due to bad weather conditions, road conditions or narrow roads, the delivery truck may not be able to reach the yard. If the customer wishes, he/she can order inward delivery by choosing inward delivery, if this is possible for the products in the order.

3.8 For deliveries to special areas, a separate surcharge may apply. Such an area is, for example, Suomenlinna, where we charge the price corresponding to the additional charge for Kaukokiito, which is EUR 120 for deliveries to your door or yard. If you would like to check whether your area has special pricing, please contact our customer service.

4. Payment terms

4.1 Private customers' payment shall be made using one of the payment methods available in the webstore.

4.2 Large companies, corporations, municipalities and the state have the possibility to buy on invoice under certain conditions. If these conditions are met, we sell by direct debit using a payment term of 14 days net. On a case-by-case basis, we can negotiate more specific conditions.

4.3 The condition for selling by invoice is always that the most recent profit and loss account and balance sheet of the company or entity have been submitted directly to us and that there are no payment arrears. In the case of private individuals, section 4.1 always applies.

4.4 There is no need to apply separately as a billing customer, but we will always verify your credit information with each order. If you have not purchased before, please first provide us with written authorisation from your employer for the right to make purchases on invoice if you are not a member of the company's board of directors. Please check that the delivery you receive includes the invoice. If the delivery you receive does not include an invoice and you do not receive it by post within five working days, please contact Osuma Disc.

4.5 If your employer pays by invoice or the delivery address is different from the billing address, please provide us with a free form authorization. Please send us the power of attorney immediately after placing the order, otherwise the processing of the order will be delayed.

4.6 By sending us the information specified above as soon as you place your order, you will ensure that your order is processed quickly.

5. 14-day return and exchange policy and price guarantee

5.1 The Customer has a 14-day right of return and exchange from the time of collection of the parcel or collection order (including weekends and public holidays, excluding the day of collection). The product must be returned or exchanged no later than the working day following the 14th day, i.e. if the 14th day is, for example, a Saturday, the product must be posted or delivered no later than Monday. For example, if the customer ordered the products on 1 December and received them on 11 December, the last day to return them is 26 December. Since this is a public holiday, the return must be made by 27 December.

5.2 The right of return for mail order sales applies only to unused and saleable products. During the return period, the consumer has the right to inspect and try on the product in the same way as he would do if he bought it in a shop. The consumer can also open the packaging to examine and try on the goods without losing the right of withdrawal. However, he cannot put the goods into service.

5.3 The right of return never applies, for example, to opened disposable or hygiene products, additional services such as the installation of equipment, or made-to-measure products.

5.4 The right of exchange does not apply to OUTLET products.

5.5 For business customers, there is no right of return or cancellation of orders for specified products.

5.6 Returns are free of charge for the consumer and can be made using either the Posti or Matkahuolto customer returns service. For products delivered by other delivery methods, the delivery method used is the one by which the product was originally delivered.

5.7 The date of purchase or collection is the date on which the parcel is redeemed or collected by the carrier, or alternatively the date of the receipt. It is the Customer's responsibility to prove the date on which the parcel was picked up, for example by means of a Posti or Matkahuolto receipt or a Kaukokiito waybill.

5.8 If, in exceptional cases, Osuma Disc accepts the return of a product that is unsaleable, defective or exceeds the return period, a minimum of 25% of the price of the product will be charged.

5.9 Definitions of acceptable product returns:
a) The product is in its original packaging (well packaged) with no additional markings or marks.
b) A copy of the receipt/receipt is enclosed.
c) The return is made within 14 days of collection.

5.10 We do not accept unpaid or credit parcel shipments (returns).

5.11 We will not accept shipments that are not delivered to Osuma Disc (doorstep).

5.12 Osuma Disc will not accept returns if the product to be returned is poorly packaged (e.g. a breakable product has been sent without padding).

5.13 In the case of unauthorized returns, we will charge the customer according to the current price list. The search for a faulty product/part in a partial package is a separate chargeable service. We will also charge for any costs not covered by a third-party warranty.

5.14 Defective returns will be returned at the customer's expense.

5.15 The right to return a product is always product specific and any delay in delivery of one product does not entitle the customer to an extended return period for the other product.

5.16 Shipping costs for returns from outside of Finland are the responsibility of the customer.

5.17 If the products are returned in accordance with the return conditions, the payment will be refunded in priority to the payment method used at the time of ordering. The refund will be made as soon as possible without undue delay, but no later than 14 days after we have received the return.

6. Warranty and product defect

6.1 Osuma Disc has a defect liability as defined in the Consumer Protection Act for all consumer products except foodstuffs.

6.2 Warranty is an additional commitment voluntarily given by the seller or the previous seller in addition to the liability for defects.

6.3 Osuma Disc is only responsible for the warranty given by itself and we always disclaim any longer warranty periods given by the manufacturer. The exact warranty period offered by Osuma Disc, the importer or the manufacturer can be found on the price list or purchase receipt for the product. The warranty period applies to the product itself and, for example, the battery of the product may have a shorter warranty period, which is specifically mentioned in the fitness store product information, in the manual or on the manufacturer's website.

6.4 If the manufacturer, importer or authorised service company of the product offers a warranty for the product, Osuma Disc's obligation to handle the warranty of the product is always limited to the general defect provisions of Chapter 5 of the Consumer Protection Act.

6.5 All warranty returns will be tested first and carried out on a standby or express basis only for an additional charge. The warranty is conditional upon the product being used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions. Osuma Disc may be released from warranty liability if it is found probable that deterioration or breakage of the product is due to accident, misuse of the goods or any other circumstance on the part of the purchaser from which it can be assumed that the manner of use of the product has not been as Osuma Disc expected. Likewise, if it is later discovered, for example by the manufacturer or service company, that the product has been damaged due to the customer's negligence, Osuma Disc shall be entitled to charge the costs of repair.

6.6 The warranty does not cover inappropriate use of the product. Inappropriate use includes, but is not limited to, the use of the Product for home use for professional or community use. Any modification or repair of the product by the user will always invalidate the warranty.

6.7 If the Product is damaged as a result of any of the circumstances mentioned in clause 6.5 or 6.6, the Product will be returned to the Customer and the Customer will be charged the applicable handling fee and delivery charges.

6.8 In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the Buyer shall notify the Guarantor of the defect within a reasonable time after the Buyer discovered or should have discovered the defect.

6.9 Servicing shall always be carried out by Osuma Disc or by an agent authorised by Osuma Disc. No on-site servicing will be carried out unless specifically agreed.

6.10 We will not redeem any unpaid, postal order or credit package shipments (returns or warranty repairs). Returns or warranty shipments must be made either by bringing the product to Osuma Disc. or as a customer refund by Postal Service, Matkahuolto or Kaukokiito, depending on which company was originally used to deliver the product to the customer. Customer refunds using the above companies are free of charge to the sender when sent from Finland. Osuma Disc is not responsible for shipping costs when using other delivery methods or when shipping from abroad.

6.11 When sending anything to Osuma Disc, the customer must pack the consignment well, use anti-static packaging plastic if necessary and send the consignment in a breakable condition if necessary. By using the original packaging and padding when returning the product, the product will be ensured to arrive intact. Osuma Disc will not accept a return if the consumer has completely failed to follow the packaging tips (e.g. a breakable product has been sent without padding). The seller and Osuma Disc. are responsible for any breakage of the returned product caused by the carrier.

6.12 For unauthorized returns, we will charge the customer according to the current price list. A return is considered unjustified if, for example, the product is intact, is not covered by the warranty or return period, or the definition of a return/warranty repair is otherwise not met. Searching for a defective product/part in a partial package is a separate chargeable service. We will also charge third party non-warranty charges, including repair estimates.

6.13 Products sent for warranty repair will be returned to us at the customer's expense.

6.14 As a general rule, we will not carry out warranty repairs on any product while it is awaiting repair, but the product will be repaired within a reasonable period as defined by the Consumer Protection Act.

7. Terms and conditions for business sales

7.1 An order accepted by a Business Customer is binding and is not subject to cancellation or return.

7.2 If, however, an order is cancelled, we will charge a minimum of 20% of the total order price as compensation.

7.3 If a product ordered separately from a supplier is cancelled, we will charge at least 50% of the total price of the product as compensation.

7.4 We will keep the order for 10 days after sending the pick-up notification. If the order is not picked up within 10 days for reasons attributable to the customer, we will charge a storage fee of 2% of the order amount for each week thereafter.

7.5 The customer must read the warranty information before placing an order.

8. Other

8.1 In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the buyer must notify the guarantor of the defect within a reasonable time after the buyer discovered or should have discovered the defect.

8.2 All cancellations and discounts are always recommended to be agreed in writing (e.g. by email or letter). Cancellations or discounts made over the phone may be difficult to verify or validate later.

8.3 Products shown in product images may differ from those offered or contain products not included in the configuration.