The origin story

Once upon a time, in the small town of Tampere, Finland, there were three disc golf enthusiasts named Heikki, Jyri and OP who had a long history in the sport. They had been playing for years and had a deep understanding of what made a good disc golf disc. However, they had always been searching for the perfect disc that would meet their high standards of quality, performance and durability - even in the toughest weather conditions that the northern climate offers. So, they decided to take matters into their own hands and set out to create their own disc golf brand.

During the development process, they were trying to come up with a name for their brand. One day, while testing out prototype discs, Heikki threw a disc that ended up hitting a small wooden hut, causing it to fall to the ground with a loud crash. As they were laughing, Jyri exclaimed "Osuma!" which means "a hit" in Finnish. The trio found the name fitting, as they wanted their brand to be known for hitting the mark in terms of quality and performance. So, they named their brand Osuma Disc. A perfect fit for a hit. 

Showstopper discs

But let's talk about the real stars of the story: our discs. They're sleek, minimalistic, and will make your disc golf game soar to new heights (or at least make your friends a little bit jealous). All our discs are tested and manufactured right here in Finland, which means you can trust that they will hold up to whatever nature throws your way.

We at Osuma believe that a disc golf disc should be more than just a tool to throw. It should be a work of art that combines quality, performance and design. That's why our discs are designed with a minimalistic approach, so they are easy to focus on the essential, which is to hit the target.

Our mission

Our mission is simple: to create the best possible disc golf discs on the market. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie just starting out, we have the perfect disc for you. We're proud of the products we've created and can't wait for you to give them a try.

So next time you're out on the course and you hit something with an Osuma Disc (whether it’s a wooden hut or an actual basket), don't forget to shout "Osuma!" in honor of its Finnish origins and how it got its name.