Kokoelma: Husky | Fairway driver | 7-5--1-1

Introducing Husky, our first fairway driver. To quote our team player Saku Poikonen, Husky is "a really fucking great fairway driver". Now that's a glowing review!

  • Oiva, Finland

    "A great straight-shooting mid-range for beginners and more advanced players alike. Trustworthy disc for those tighter fairways or more accurate approaches. A staple in anyone's bag."

  • Jyri, Finland

    "Just tried this Pike in a fishing trip on ice (no pun intended). Really reliable disc which has great glide and good accuracy. Its really good for my hand/grip. Premium ja Sleek plastics have a great feel and good grip even on slippery/wet condititions."

  • Antti, Finland

    "Straight flying midrange which has good amount of glide. Really good for tunnel shots where you need accuracy."

  • Bare-Basics

    This plastic offers a perfect balance of quality and affordability. With its matte surface, you'll enjoy a comfortable grip, providing a secure hold and reliable throw. The durability of this plastic makes it a great choice for casual players, as it will stand up to the wear and tear of the course and hold its shape over time.

  • Pure-Premium

    "Pure-Premium" is a quality plastic that offers excellent grip and durability, making it the perfect choice for disc golfers at all levels. The transparent surface gives players a clear view of the disc's design and allows them to focus on their shots with confidence. This plastic can be relied on!

  • Sleek-Ultrium

    This plastic is designed to meet the demands of even the most competitive players. It sets a standard for grip and durability. You'll be able to execute your shots with pinpoint accuracy, no matter the weather conditions. Its superior durability ensures that your disc will perform at its best round after round.