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Description: Pike

Meet The Pike, the fishiest disc in the lake. This versatile midrange driver is perfect for both beginners and seasoned pros, offering a slight overturn and great glide that guarantee effortless throws and long flights. But don't let its calm exterior fool you, Pike is like a stealthy hunter, ready to pounce on any opportunity that comes its way. Faster hands will find this disc to soar through the air like a silent predator. This disc is the perfect combination of versatility, reliability, and a hint of sneaky cunning. So, grab a Pike and who knows, you might just hook a trophy with this trusty little fish by your side.

Material: Pure-Premium

"Pure-Premium" is a quality plastic that offers excellent grip and durability, making it the perfect choice for disc golfers at all levels. The transparent surface gives players a clear view of the disc's design and allows them to focus on their shots with confidence. Whether you're facing challenging weather conditions or just need a reliable, long-lasting plastic for everyday play, Pure-Premium delivers.

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  • Oiva, Finland

    "A great straight-shooting mid-range for beginners and more advanced players alike. Trustworthy disc for those tighter fairways or more accurate approaches. A staple in anyone's bag."

  • Jyri, Finland

    "Just tried this Pike in a fishing trip on ice (no pun intended). Really reliable disc which has great glide and good accuracy. Its really good for my hand/grip. Premium ja Sleek plastics have a great feel and good grip even on slippery/wet condititions."

  • Antti, Finland

    "Straight flying midrange which has good amount of glide. Really good for tunnel shots where you need accuracy."