Introducing Husky, our first fairway driver. To quote our team player Saku Poikonen, Husky is "a really fucking great fairway driver". Now that's a glowing review!

  • Oiva, Finland

    "The optimal driver for beginners with a stable to straight flight on lower speeds. For more advanced players Husky is a disc you will be using a lot as it always flies exactly where you want it to. A must-have reliable all-around disc with a rim that fits both backhand and forehand nicely."

  • Saku, Finland

    "A really fucking great fairway driver!"

  • Antti, Finland

    "Fairway driver that has great glide, accuracy and distance. When you throw it hard, it will flip just a bit, before a slight fade. It will fly straight as a bullet "

The goods

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  • Arttu Aaltonen, Finland

    "Pike is just the kind of midrange i want! It fits perfectly to my hand, in any grip or position and it flyes/glides efortlesly in any given angle. Trustworthy fade in the end."

    Pike, Sleek-Ultrium 
  • Oskari, Finland

    "A reliable and easy to pick up putter that offers a surprising amount of glide, good control and a stable flight to help those puts find the chains. Santa has made those uncomfortable long range puts a bit less nervy."

    Santa, Pure-Premium 
  • Antti, Finland

    "Santa is a straight flying putter with massive glide. It works well in both approaching and short tee shots. Santa holds its angle, no matter what angle you throw it. Very reliable."

    Santa, Sleek-Ultrium 
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    We are against compromises of quality in any of our discs. Your disc is the most valuable tool in your disc golf tool kit, so it's crucial it works as it should. All our discs are tested and manufactured in Finland and the discs have been designed by disc golf enthusiasts.


    We want you to feel confident each time you reach the track. To feel confident about the disc that you hold in your hand and how others perceive the brand. Simply because we know that confidence influences your performance.


    We value nordic simplicity. It takes a lot of effort to make both a sport and a product look simple. We're standing with our players to make this one of the most popular sports activities by making it easier for newbies to start playing.


Our very own Heikki, Jyri and OP along with other enthusiastic players had a very specific need: a disc golf disc that will always land where it's thrown to. So, we pulled ourselves by the bootstraps and developed a new high quality and accurate disc golf line with impressive flight properities. The hand-pressed, stylish discs have a great grip and they're easy to handle. Osuma's discs will be an extension of your brain, landing exactly where you intended them to land. And that's why we're called Osuma - we want to make sure you hit the goal every time.